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To unite and equip faith leaders, parents, & community leaders to unlock the transformative potential of education that focuses on the development of children in our community that addresses their needs, interest, and skills.



A nation where communities come together to provide every child with the educational opportunity to achieve their highest God given potential.



Guided by Faith:

We have deep faith in God and in the power of communities to take on the important work of providing all our children with a


transformative education.

Serving the Children:

We are here to serve and invested in what works best for our children.

Cultivating Authentic Partnerships:

We believe in forming authentic relationships that bring our community together, collaborating with the greatest sense of mutual


respect and integrity.

Taking Ownership:

We take ownership of our mission by directly taking our share of responsibility for the current educational inequities by implementing change for our children.


Driving Toward Impact:

We believe results should be measured with transparency and rigor.


Metro-Phila for Education believes there is a deep, historical and pervasive problem with the way low-income and working -class families


have been able to access education, the "American Dream and freedom that cause widespread cycles of poverty and low-achievement in


many of our communities. We believe that education is the key to transformation for children, families and communities and we have


witnessed first-hand how inequitable access to quality education has denied people their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the


pursuit of happiness.


Many individuals and organizations are doing incredible work on behalf of low-income families from providing direct service to meet their


current needs to creating and identifying policies that will help improve their schools and districts. While these approaches are necessary,


we believe that in order to truly have power in the transformation of their lives low-income families must lead the way. We specifically


believe that the church and pastors can and must play a critical role by providing a unique access point to work with families and a strong


body of power that can influence decision makers and change the balance of power. Metro-Phila for Education plans to use their unique


position in the following critical ways.


Metro-Phila For Education will act on its theory of action, guided by the following Priority Areas:


School Choice:

Increase the range of high-quality school options available to low-income families


Human Capital:

Ensure that our children have access to the very best educators & that our educators have the resources they need to be effective



Enhance transparency and responsibility around school quality and performance


Parent Engagement and Leadership Development:

Equip parents with the tools necessary to demand great schools for their children and communities. 

Effective Policy:

Advocate for local, state and national reforms that catalyze systemic change.

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